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Heat and heating equipment for industrial greenhouses

Our company is happy to offer You a wide range of heating systems, based on the area and height of your glasshouse, growing crops, as well as location and growing circle. Taking into account Your requirements, our company is able to offer better solution for creating conditions for growing plants. We can offer not only stationary heating systems, but also mobile systems for greenhouses, which allow to reduce electricity loss, and heat. Another bonus is the  reducing of financial costs on maintenance of the greenhouse facility.

In winter one of the main factors of successful growing is heating. For its realization heating equipment complex is necessary. Our company offers to buy it from us for a number of reasons:

  • Better price
  • Industrial scale
  • Full circle heating system
  • Durableheating equipment
  • Opportunity to install in any complex

Lightning system

Growing crops in winter is associated with a number of difficulties. This is due not only to low temperatures, but also to a short daylight, as well as the lack of light in daytime. To support growing and ripening in this period, as well as increasing the harvest, our company installs high-tech lightning systems for horticultural crops, which are adapted to agricultural for increasing photosynthesis. Growing lamps has high effeciency, providing lightning of the necessary range. All types of lamps used :

  • Sodium electrical lights
  • Ceramic metal halide lamps
  • Steel halide lamps

Raising and decreasing system is completely autonomous. For each project we make an individual design and guarantee reliability.

Irrigation system

Our company offers a wide range of irrigation systems for greenhouses with growing systems and soil fertilization.

Compound and advantages of our systems

  • Precision execution and integrity
  • Ultra accurate dozing of liquid materials for crops protection
  • Durablepumps
  • Capacious and high-proof tanks of fresh water
  • Capacious and high-proof tanks of rain water
  • Computersoftware and instructions for staff preparing

Greenhouse equipment

Pumps – heat and electrical pumps, the system is fully controlled and adapted to your requirements.

Screens – effects of decreasing the lightning for electricity saving, thermoregulation and climate control and moistening.

Curtains for shading– these are blinds, which keep the light, and protect from heat. It allows to save on electricity and optimize climate-control and humidity of greenhouse complex for growing crops.

Cooling system – is an advantage of hanging irrigation systems in glasshouse and greenhouse complexes in winter and summer. Main advantages – decreasing of temperature regime inside the complex, increasing of humidity and airing.

Recirculation fans – provide uniform climate by mixing of the air inside the complex.

Grow tables, produced of galvanized net or aluminium, can be connected with different irrigation systems and fertilizer.

Opportunity to integrate systems  for water heating. Various sizes according to requiring conditions.

If you decided that you need an industrial-scale greenhouse, in which there is not only heat equipment, the best solution is to buy it in our company. We offer not only better price on greenhouse with heating equipment, but also the full circle of production and assembling. The greenhouse, which includes industrial heating set of equipment, is tested and we guarantee uninterrupted work for a long time.

The wide geography of our work, including abroad projects, helps to take into account all nuances of previous projects with every new project , in which greenhouse with equipment was being created and offer better option, considering  your weather and climate conditions. Flexibility of heating equipment adjustment allows to start heating season in any time, if weather conditions require it.