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Steel structures production and assembling

LLС ARUS offers its services in production and assembling of steel structures of all types.

Nowadays modern materials and technologies are actively used in the construction of residential and industrial buildings. Production of steel structures, facilities and barriers in the construction – is a very effective way. Assembling of such structures as a bearing part makes it possible to achieve good strength.

Nowadays steel structure is the best solution in comparison with the other construction processes, that have resource intensity and labour input.

Steel structures are used for erection of various types of buildings, ranging from small commercial buildings to large industrial buildings.

Process of steel structures production and assembling

After steel structures will be designed and calculated, preparation work are being started. Before assembling of the structure it is necessary to perform planning of the construction site and foundation filling. Then production works and placement of steel structure begin.

Steel structures advantages

Using such structures makes easier and makes it possible to reduce the price of erecting buildings, besides this way helps to reduce the time of construction.

It is possible to single out a number of main advantages:

  • - Simplifying of structures assembling and removal
  • - Opportunityto use at different temperature regimes
  • - Wideruse
  • - Opportunityof decoration use
  • - Opportunityto order any configuration
  • - Bestprice

Order production of industrial steel structures at a better price

Turning to the company ARUS, you get an opportunity to order steel structures of better quality. Our structures are able to solve all important tasks, that arise in front of building companies.

  • - Reducing building`s weight
  • - Reducinglabour and material costs
  • - Reducing the final price
  • - Shortening the time of construction
  • - Increasing the efficiency of investments

Achievements of these moments are due to the following advantages

  • - Building`s weight reducing 30%
  • - Simple production of steel structures
  • - Easy transportation
  • - Quite fast speed of structures erection and removal
  • - Opportunityto create any forms and sizes
  • High reliability and durability of finished products